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Waller & Company is a personal branding consultancy that helps executives, entrepreneurs, and public figures develop influence and credibility for their brand. Unlike most branding agencies, we focus on people and not products or services. Using personalized market research, one-on-one consulting and in-house trainings, we provide a customized strategy to help our clients

increase visibility,

make the most of their expertise,

stand out amongst their competitors, and

attract new opportunities.


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Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly marketing ourselves and managing how others perceive us. Everyone has a brand, but most people don't manage it strategically, effectively, or consistently. Individuals who have a well-defined personal brand generate increased value for their company, whether they work for themselves or someone else. A personal branding strategy is essential to success in fundraising, growing a business, or changing careers.

We provide personal branding research, consulting and training to clients from around the world and from a variety of industries. Typically, we work with

Kamilah, CEO of Couleur Nature & Caravan - North American Division



entrepreneurs, and

public figures.


Individual Clients


“I am a senior executive in the insurance industry with a background in leading Operations and Strategy. I contacted Waller & Company because of their proven track record in translating professional successes into unique value propositions and building social media strategies to digitize professional brands. The consulting was top notch- they provided me with in-depth analysis and recommendations that I am actively using to attain my professional goals and build my social media footprint. If you are an up and coming or a tenured executive who wants to “go digital”- Dr. Waller is your secret weapon. :-)”

- Janelle, Global Insurance Executive


“Dr. Talaya Waller and her firm, Waller & Company, have been instrumental in helping me to develop my own unique, powerful and effective brand, as I transition my career, city and industry. Dr. Waller and her organization provided me with outstanding service in several ways.”

- Marc, Financial Professional & graduate student


“I had the pleasure of working with Talaya on my website, logo and content.  Talaya had a way of asking me questions to get the necessary information articulated in a professional yet personal manner to reach my target audience.”

- Lindsey, Founder of For Every Mountain Counseling Services

“I spent time one-on-one with Dr. Waller, taking a deeper look into our customer base and brainstorming ways to keep them involved in our organization. She gave us thought-provoking insights to connect with our audience and showed us how tools like the Proto-Persona often reveal things we didn’t know about them before.

Purses for Nurses has used these tools to establish the 3 pillars of our organization, which allow our audience to see who we are and what’s important to us. I highly recommend Dr. Waller’s services and expertise if you are looking to gain a deeper insight into the audience(s) who really drive your business or brand.”

- MELISSA, Founder of purses for nurses


"Talaya provided me with a much needed overhaul of my "personal branding” via a consulting contract. It was time and money well spent as she focused in on many areas of improvement I was not aware of. I am the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital an international Investment Bank. Branding both my firm and myself in a harmonious fashion needs someone from the outside looking in like Talaya."

- Rod, Managing Partner Briggs Capital Investment BanK


When an employee shares a brand message on a personal social media account, it gets 561% more engagement than when a company shares the same message on a business account. Which is why we also scale our services for a wide-range of organizations; from small start-ups to big government.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Rebranding yourself is possible at any stage in your career and life.”

- Lisa, Federal Reserve BoarD


"The EHL interns thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the presentation was and the humor that Ms. Waller was able to incorporate throughout. Additionally, many of the interns mentioned how inspiring it was to see a young woman of color as the head of her own company. Overall, this was a very informative presentation and we would be very interested in reaching out to Waller & Company again."

- District of Columbia Department of Health


“What an amazing event! I learned so much about personal branding. The panelists had so many insights and practical advice that I will use throughout my career. I have always been a little intimidated by the term branding, so I was great to hear Dr. Waller identify three easy steps that we should all take to create our personal brand. Also, I was so glad when Dr. Waller explained that creating our personal brand is about finding who we are really and showcase our authentic personality. I really enjoy this discussion panel!”

- Nina, US Department of Agriculture


"Dr. Talaya Waller has spoken at various panels and events for the Women’s Information Network (WIN). Each time, she was thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable and inspiring. Her expertise on personal branding and positioning yourself for success has proven invaluable!"

— Edwith, Community Organizer, Women's Information Network