We brand organizations from the Inside out

When an employee shares a brand message, it gets 561% more engagement than the same message when shared by their company on social media. An overwhelming amount of data tells us that the best way to brand an organization is from the inside out.





    "Talaya provided me with a much needed overhaul of my "personal branding” via a consulting contract. It was time and money well spent as she focused in on many areas of improvement I was not aware of. I am the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital an international Investment Bank. Branding both my firm and myself in a harmonious fashion needs someone from the outside looking in like Talaya."




    — Rod, Managing Partner Briggs Capital Investment Bank


    Personal branding client government


    "The EHL interns thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the presentation was and the humor that Ms. Waller was able to incorporate throughout. Additionally, many of the interns mentioned how inspiring it was to see a young woman of color as the head of her own company. Overall, this was a very informative presentation and we would be very interested in reaching out to Waller & Company again."




    —District of Columbia Department of Health



    Personal Branding Client Organizational Branding


    "Dr. Talaya Waller has spoken at various panels and events for the Women’s Information Network (WIN). Each time, she was thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable and inspiring. Her expertise on personal branding and positioning yourself for success has proven invaluable!"




    — Edwith, Community Organizer, Women's Information Network




    "The inspiring CEO of Waller & Company kept her audience engaged from start to finish and presented valuable information regarding personal branding and crafting a purposeful mission statement. She provided energy for entrepreneurial spirits. Thank you for your time, encouragement and leadership!"




    — Daniel, CEO, GSU Alumni Event Attendee