Image Rebranding for Young, Energetic Banking Professional

Preston is a young professional in the banking industry. He expressed interest in my image consulting and photography services because he knew that it would be important to establish a polished professional image to accomplish his career goals.  More specifically, he needed a consistent image for his Facebook and LinkedIn page. 

Preston is a newbie to Washington, DC and wanted an image that resembles the culture of the city and the nature of a financial work environment. Preston is styled in modern, yet classic business casual attire. I selected pieces that were versatile that could be worn to work or after-work events. In Preston's industry it is very important to be customer-focused, trustworthy, and dependable. As a result, I wanted to make sure that his compassion for helping others and genuine southern charm was coming across in his pictures during our photo-shoot.  The psychology of colors was important as well. The color blue is a color of trust, peace, order and loyalty. Gray is neutral and conservative, but does imply security and reliability. 

Although we did not implement every outfit that I selected in the photo-shoot, Preston brought many of the outfits home with him. I can improve his personal branding online, but it’s Preston who will make it come to life. According to him "The process was so easy. After working with her, I walked into work and felt like a new person. I now have a refined image that will help me realize my goals and I am excited about my future here in Washington."