Personal Branding 2016: Taking Your Online Relationships Offline

When you focus on social media engagement, you are trying to increase the interactions that you are sharing with your followers. Yes, more likes (and shares) usually means more exposure. Yet, for most business professionals the purpose of their online presence strategy is to market themselves to a select target audience.  This is an upgrade from a general audience simply “liking” what you are posting. Social media engagement allows you to build relationships through sharing content with select industry peers, clients, and/or constituents. From this point you can start to build meaningful, long-lasting professional relationships with those online connections.  

When using social media we need to answer this question: “How can I use this to build relationships AND get measurable results in my professional life?" Below are tips on how to use social media engagement to network and build relationships to accomplish your professional goals. 

Social Media and the Workplace

We know the power of social media–or we should. It has started protest movements, given presidential candidates a jump-start and had people fired. So while social media–Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram and others–may be a boon for easing communication, working professionals (and those who want to be) need to remember that social media accounts are not completely private; tweets and other regretted posts can be screensaved and actually live forever.

How to Approach Personal Branding When You Are Uncomfortable Promoting Yourself

Personal branding is sharing and marketing your individual package of knowledge, skills, and passions with the purpose of setting yourself apart from other job applicants, colleagues, competition, etc.  However, there are many people that have insecurities about promoting themselves or their accomplishments to others.  Although they want to be acknowledged for their efforts, they don’t feel comfortable publicly sharing their endeavors.

How Social Entrepreneurs Benefit From Personal Branding

Social entrepreneurs are people who use all the resources at their disposal to solve community and world problems. They aim to, ultimately remake our world, redress the damage done in the past, and/or leave a healthier planet for the next generation. Social entrepreneurs recognize that we are all part of a mutually dependent globally community whose best interests are served by also serving the needs of others. Many social entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves as a brand, and would rather people focus on their cause. However, successful fundraisers understand that the majority of people make donations to organizations that have leaders that they perceive as trustworthy.  The following are some of the most significant reasons why social entrepreneurs need to have great personal brands: