ReBranding Our Logo: A Design Story

I seem to be working with clients over in the US more and more of late. This project, however, was from an actual 'old school' face to face encounter.Both Talaya and I were talking on Personal Branding in London a couple of months ago, and we connected on social media.

Talaya is a true expert in her field, and she works with high-level executives in Washington to help build and develop powerful personal brands... So when she approached me to help with the visual aspect of her personal brand, I was truly honored to be able to help.

Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, become an entrepreneur or excel among your social circle, your personal brand tells others what they can expect from you.

Dr. Talaya Waller, founder of Waller & Company, a brand strategy company, says developing your personal brand online can help you create, maintain and protect your reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image.

How To Use Social Media At Each Stage Of Your Career

Rich Bellis, Associate Editor for Fast Company writes:
"You already know social media is a handy job-search tool. You dutifully update your LinkedIn account and scrub your Facebook profile of incriminating photos. But what you might not realize is that your approach to social media should change as your career moves forward. What works for landing that first-ever job won’t be the same thing that gets you promoted to VP.

The same way you should shift focus on developing different
skill-sets at each stage of your career, you’ll also want to periodically retool your social media approach. Fast Company spoke with Washington, D.C.–based personal branding consultant Dr. Talaya Waller to find out how." Read more

Personal Branding 2016: Taking Your Online Relationships Offline

When you focus on social media engagement, you are trying to increase the interactions that you are sharing with your followers. Yes, more likes (and shares) usually means more exposure. Yet, for most business professionals the purpose of their online presence strategy is to market themselves to a select target audience.  This is an upgrade from a general audience simply “liking” what you are posting. Social media engagement allows you to build relationships through sharing content with select industry peers, clients, and/or constituents. From this point you can start to build meaningful, long-lasting professional relationships with those online connections.  

When using social media we need to answer this question: “How can I use this to build relationships AND get measurable results in my professional life?" Below are tips on how to use social media engagement to network and build relationships to accomplish your professional goals.