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Now is an ideal time for the reinvention of modern leadership.  In 2013, Wall Street Journal stated that personal branding is the second most important job skill. All entrepreneurs and executives bring their personal brand to their organization. Thus, strategic, consistent and effective personal brand management is becoming increasingly critical to the success of the leader and the companies that depend on them. 

Entrepreneurs and executives who manage themselves as brands create the opportunity to promote themselves in a way that is aligned with their company’s image to internal and external audiences. Leaders who develop comprehensive and authentic personal brands are more forward-thinking and accessible to external customers and clients. Within their respective organizations, branded leaders demonstrate that they are maximizing their strengths to contribute to their company’s profits and goodwill.

Executive Alignment

We conduct an assessment of your executive brand and develop an strategy to align it with your corporate brand's mission, values, and organizational culture. 

Executive Presence

Often times, executive presence determines whether or not you get a promotion and your lifetime earning potential. We provide leaders with interactive leadership development coaching that improves their executive presence. 

Image Consulting

Assist you in developing an executive style that resonates as confident and professional to industry peers and clients.