Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the session?

We will be working around the clock to finish your project within 24 hours. However, as a client, you will only need to attend the branding session for 4 hours and an additional 2 hours are included for any questions. 

2. What is pre-work and when is it due?

We classify things like website copy (information about you or your company for your website) or photos for your website. We realize that many of our clients are starting from scratch which is perfectly ok! However, website copy writing and photography is not included in our package but can be purchased separately for an additional fee. If you are not local and need website photography, we will help you find someone in your area. 

3. When should I schedule my session?

Please schedule a date to work on your session at least two weeks prior. 

4. What if I need to reschedule?

Hey we get it-sh*t happens. Clients are allowed 2 times to reschedule their branding session. After that the client will be charged a 10% rescheduling fee. 

5. How much is hosting each year?

We use Squarespace as our CRM of choice. Our clients get a 20% discount through our partnership with Squarespace. The first year of hosting cost are included in your package. Annual fees for using their platform depend on the package you choose (link pricing).