Personal Branding Testimonials

Personal branding is not a destination, it is a journey. Our goal is to navigate clients each step of the way. The feedback below gives a glimpse into how we implement personal branding services to help clients succeed in different phases of their career and business. 


marc t. - executive 

"Dr. Talaya Waller and her firm, Waller & Company, have been instrumental in helping me to develop my own unique, powerful and effective brand, as I transition my career, city and industry. 
Dr. Waller and her organization provided me with outstanding service in several ways. First, she is very thorough and detailed oriented, with a very organized brand development process. She thoroughly researched the organizations, institutions and individuals with whom I would be interacting in my new roles. This established a baseline to inform the development of my brand, online and in person. 
Second, she is very collaborative in her approach. Throughout the process she encouraged and sought my ideas about how I wanted to build my brand, so that it would be a true reflection of who I am and what I want to achieve. 
Third, she is a style expert and helped me tremendously in improving my image and how I present myself. She provided in-person and very focused (and inexpensive) shopping consultations that moved me out of my overly conservative comfort zone into a polished and deliberate wardrobe for every occasion. She is also an expert in photography arrangement and styling. In short, she made me look really good. 
Working with Dr. Waller and her associates has been an extremely valuable investment and tremendously positive experience. I very highly recommend Waller & Company to anyone who is interested in understanding and upgrading their personal brand. Working with them will be one of the best decisions you make." 


ayonna p. - social entrepreneur

"Dr. Talaya Waller is excellent at helping entrepreneurs strategically think through their ideas. She is extremely creative and able to think outside of the box as well as understand the obvious/simple solution.

One, I needed help thinking through my branding plan and she helped me outline and execute those next steps. Two, I needed some VIP people to attend my event and Dr. Waller made that happen. Third, I needed to understand my fundraising goals and create a game plan to move forward and Dr. Waller helped with that process as well.

Starting your own business can be overwhelming. Being able to work with someone that can help you navigate through the many logistics, eliminates some of the stress. Dr. Waller is definitely someone that you want on your brainstorming team when you are starting your own business/venture/project." 

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josh b. - executive/entrepreneur

"Talaya has an expert ability at helping clients discover the deeper elements of their brand by understanding the core of who you are and who you are seeking to become. Her branding process effectively reveals leverage points, as well as, opportunities to reinvent one's brand identity. Her detail- oriented approach examines the brand as a system. For example, in our sessions, we explored color theory, corporate identity, and my internal vision in relation to a business brand. I am simply amazed by the aesthetics, communication, and professionalism she delivered throughout."