Now is an ideal time for the reinvention of modern leadership.  In 2013, Wall Street Journal stated that personal branding is the second most important job skill. All entrepreneurs and executives bring their personal brand to their organization. Thus, strategic, consistent and effective personal brand management is becoming increasingly critical to the success of the leader and the companies that depend on them. 


this is how we build thought leaders

Personal Brand Assessment

Create a customized 360 evaluation of stakeholder perception to identify areas of improvement. Research and analyze internal and external factors to align personal values with corporate values.

Personal Brand Statement

Craft a statement that communicates your brand equity and value to the organization. Without developing a concise and authentic value statement, it is difficult for executives to fully leverage their reputation and benefit from influencer opportunities.

Target Audience Assessment

If you don't know your audience then you don't know your business. Knowing the stakeholders is crucial before implementing a successful communications and positioning strategy.

Executive Presence

Often times, self presentation determines whether or not you get a promotion or reach your lifetime earning potential. We provide leaders with interactive leadership development coaching that improves their executive presence.

Career Coaching

Assist you in making informed decisions to plan career goals and navigate the landscape of your industry. Review and provide feedback on the various tools used to meet your ambitions such as résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

Rebranding Strategy

Develop a plan to help you to change careers, break into a new industry, or transition from employee to entrepreneur. 

Image Consulting

Assist you in developing an executive style that resonates as confident and professional to industry peers and clients. Develop a personalized lookbook to guide your style for any occasion.