developing thought-leaders and brand ambassadors


People are at the core of every company's brand.

As every employee has their own network and social media presence, this is an area to leverage before hiring new staff, to retain existing staff, to increase sales, and when creating your marketing strategy.

We can work with your HR and Marketing team to ensure that your recruitment and brand marketing strategy are aligned with the personal brands of your employees. This merger of the company’s brand and personal brands is vital to growing your business.  

Employee Brand Experience

We call our trainings "Brand Experiences" because they are engaging, interactive and entertaining. Our framework is designed to help executives implement a strategy that leverages their influence as a thought-leader. As a result, they become brand ambassadors for internal and external stakeholders.

Think that your customer trusts your CEO more than your employees? Think again. More people are relying on information from their peers and industry experts. As the use of social media expands, the way in which a company’s reputation is managed has rapidly changed. With trust in social media growing every year, it is vital to ensure that the right content is shared.

We help thought-leaders increase their visibility by developing an authentic social media strategy. A social media plan can help them share their expertise, minimize risk and control the conversation. We also communicate the importance of being online and knowing how to effectively use social tools to their advantage.

Our training will cover how this can be achieved, and we will work with your employees to cover the following topics: 

  • How to use online presence to leverage their expertise and build a following;
  • Methods for maintaining connections and increasing engagement via social networks; and
  • Ways to create authentic content based on detailed target audience research.