How to Build Your Brand in Real Estate | Orlando, FL

  • Mercedes-Benz South Orlando

The rise of the internet has effectively leveled the business playing field and in no industry is this truer than in real estate. The omnipresent online universe including the prevalence of smartphones and social media sites means that you can, theoretically, connect with anyone anywhere. And in order to be competitive in an industry founded on personal reputation, trust, and word-of-mouth, that is exactly what you have to do!

Real estate has never been more competitive than it is now. If you want to find new clients, close deals, and expand your business, you’re going to need a strong personal brand to help you stand out from the competition. Please join us for an interactive workshop and networking event aimed to help you reach more homebuyers and sell more homes by building your personal brand and promoting your expertise online. 

During this networking event you will learn how to:

Define your personal brand and image

Capture your target audience

Positioning yourself for success 

Event fee includes Light fare and refreshments.

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