Our services are as diverse as our clientele, ranging from individual consultations to training workshops for corporations and nonprofits. Consulting packages can be tailored to meet the your specific needs.

entrepreneurs, Thought-leaders, & EXECUTIVES

Price: $1,250+

The majority of our clients are experts in their field, but don't have a strategy to market that expertise. That's where we come in. Over the years, we’ve helped everyone from judges to entreprepreneurs, actors and professors grow influence and credibility in their fields. Whether you are seeking funding, running for office, or breaking into a new industry, we can provide you with a personalized road map to achieve your goals. 

This package includes:

  • Four personalized consulting sessions (4 hours total)

  • Personal brand statement and biography edit

  • 360 personal brand assessment

  • Social media evaluation

  • Stakeholder research

  • Brand positioning research

Celebrities and Public Figures

Price: $8,000+

When you make your living in the public eye, your livelihood depends on the strength of your ability to build and maintain an audience. You can’t do that without a personal brand. Or maybe you already have a large following but are struggling to maintain authenticity without compromising your personal life or driving yourself crazy. We can help you strike the right balance between public, personal, and professional. 

A study by MuseFind, an influencer marketing platform, found that 92 percent of customers trust influencers more than traditional celebrity endorsements. We’ll help you go beyond celebrity and become a well-regarded influencer in your field or area of expertise.

This package includes:

  • Four personalized consulting sessions (8 hours total)

  • Personal brand statement and biography edit

  • Online brand audit

  • Social media plan (2 platforms)

  • Stakeholder research (target audience)

  • Brand positioning research

  • Website

Start-ups & small businesses

Price: $8,000+

If you are a small business looking to gain visibility for your brand, it's vital to know what differentiates your brand from the competition. Instead of solely relying on your company's logo, website, and social media accounts to promote your brand, we get your best people on board as your brand ambassadors.

The information that your employees share with their networks online and offline expand your audience and generate organic growth. Stop wasting your marketing budget on trends and start investing it in your people.

This package includes:

  • Brand ambassador workshop (4 hours)

  • Four consulting sessions (4 hours total)

  • Positioning research and strategy

  • Online strategy + social media evaluation (2 platforms)

corporations & organizations

Price: $15,000+ 

Successful companies know how to leverage the power of leadership and incorporate it into their marketing plans.  In order for this to work, executives need to know what the organization’s brand stands for and how their personal brand fits within it.

We work with your executives to help them define and position their personal brand, resulting in a positive impact on the company’s brand.  

This package includes:

  • Personal branding consulting sessions

  • Executive positioning strategies

  • Personal brand / corporate brand alignment workshop

Case Study Testimonials

Personal Branding client.png
Dr. Talaya Waller and her firm, Waller & Company, have been instrumental in helping me to develop my own unique, powerful and effective brand, as I transition my career, city and industry. Dr. Waller and her organization provided me with outstanding service in several ways.

First, she is very thorough and detailed oriented, with a very organized brand development process. She thoroughly researched the organizations, institutions and individuals with whom I would be interacting in my new roles. This established a baseline to inform the development of my brand, online and in person. 

Second, she is very collaborative in her approach. Throughout the process she encouraged and sought my ideas about how I wanted to build my brand, so that it would be a true reflection of who I am and what I want to achieve. 

Third, she is a style expert and helped me tremendously in improving my image and how I present myself. She provided in-person and very focused (and inexpensive) shopping consultations that moved me out of my overly conservative comfort zone into a polished and deliberate wardrobe for every occasion. She is also an expert in photography arrangement and styling. In short, she made me look really good. 

Working with Dr. Waller and her associates has been an extremely valuable investment and tremendously positive experience. I very highly recommend Waller & Company to anyone who is interested in understanding and upgrading their personal brand. Working with them will be one of the best decisions you make.
— Marc, Finance Professional
Personal branding target audience case study
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Talaya Waller through a Build Your Brand event via an entrepreneurial group called Amazing Perspective. Dr. Waller spent several hours prior to the event getting to know me and my organization, Purses for Nurses. She helped me figure out who our target audience is by completing an exercise with Proto-Personas, where we created characters that are representative of our actual supporter/customer base.

The exercise was extremely eye-opening and helped us to learn more about our audience so that we can better interact with and market to them. During the event, I spent time one-on-one with Dr. Waller, taking a deeper look into our customer base and brainstorming ways to keep them involved in our organization. She gave us thought-provoking insights to connect with our audience and showed us how tools like the Proto-Persona often reveal things we didn’t know about them before.

Purses for Nurses has used these tools to establish the 3 pillars of our organization, which allow our audience to see who we are and what’s important to us. I highly recommend Dr. Waller’s services and expertise if you are looking to gain a deeper insight into the audience(s) who really drive your business or brand. You won’t be disappointed!
— Melissa, Social Entrepreneur