personal Branding Speaker

keynote speaker, corporate trainer, & tv commentator


Dr. Talaya Waller is a personal branding speaker who is passionate about sharing her research and experience with audiences around the world. Each speaking engagement is tailored to the audience and goals of the event. 

Trainings are engaging, interactive and entertaining. Participants leave the event with a greater understanding of how they can improve their personal brands and become brand ambassadors for their organizations. 


Audience Feedback

Dr Talaya is one of those rare hybrid gems; someone who’s visually and intellectually captivating, and who walks the talk. Her modern perspective on leadership and branding empowers leaders to perform with authenticity and integrity, whilst still accomplishing their goals. She’s affirmed my pursuit of a doctorate in business administration, because the world needs more thought leaders like her, who remind us that intelligence prevails in the show-pony era of modern times!
— Natashya P., University of Cape Town Lecture
I was really amazed by your lecture at Kozminski University and I’m grateful for the inspiration you are giving to the people around you including me.
— Aleksandra A., Kozminski University
Dr. Talaya Waller’s genuine investment in helping people find their own voice is apparent in her presentation. Her feedback is extremely valuable for young entrepreneurs.
— Anna-Nicole B., Mount Holyoke College