Build Your Brand In 24 Hours


You may have came across a ton of personal branding websites that can tell you how build your brand, but don't actually do it for you. That's not us. No matter what you have heard about personal branding its sole purpose is to accomplish a business goal. If your branding efforts don't accomplish a goal, then it's not worth your time, energy, and resources.

Our clients are experts in their field, but don't necessarily know how to market their expertise. That's why we are here. We offer a combination of consulting and design to take your business goals from concept to reality in less than 24 hours.  How can we do this in a day? Because we listen to our clients and follow our gut instincts. 

If you are looking to gain visibility for your business or career, then our service is perfect for you. 


Client feedback


We provide personal branding consulting and training to clients and organizations around the world. Countries include, but are not limited to, United States of America, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Afghanistan, and Spain. No matter where you are located in the world we can help you.


"Dr. Talaya Waller and her firm, Waller & Company, have been instrumental in helping me to develop my own unique, powerful and effective brand, as I transition my career, city and industry. Dr. Waller and her organization provided me with outstanding service in several ways." 

personal branding social entreprenuer

"Dr. Talaya Waller is excellent at helping entrepreneurs strategically think through their ideas.


She is extremely creative and able to think outside of the box as well as understand the obvious/simple solution."




personal branding executive

"Talaya has an expert ability at helping clients discover the deeper elements of their brand by understanding the core of who you are and who you are seeking to become. Her branding process effectively reveals leverage points, as well as, opportunities to reinvent one's brand identity."


We brand Companies from the Inside out


When an employee shares a brand message, it gets 561% more engagement than the same message when shared by their company on social media.

Instead of solely relying on your company's website and social media accounts to enhance your brand, get your employees on board. What they share with their network through Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram could expand your audience and generate organic growth. We will strategize with your Marketing and Communication teams to develop a framework for leveraging employees to influence your target audience, gain competitive advantage, and achieve business goals.

The core of a company's brand is their people. Our Employee Brand Experiences are designed to help businesses implement a strategy that leverages the influence of their executives and experts. As a result, their top-talent becomes brand ambassadors for internal and external stakeholders. A personal approach is the most powerful way to brand your company. 






    "Talaya provided me with a much needed overhaul of my "personal branding” via a consulting contract. It was time and money well spent as she focused in on many areas of improvement I was not aware of. I am the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital an international Investment Bank. Branding both my firm and myself in a harmonious fashion needs someone from the outside looking in like Talaya."




    — Rod, Managing Partner Briggs Capital Investment Bank


    Personal branding client government


    "The EHL interns thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the presentation was and the humor that Ms. Waller was able to incorporate throughout. Additionally, many of the interns mentioned how inspiring it was to see a young woman of color as the head of her own company. Overall, this was a very informative presentation and we would be very interested in reaching out to Waller & Company again."




    —District of Columbia Department of Health



    Personal Branding Client Organizational Branding


    "Dr. Talaya Waller has spoken at various panels and events for the Women’s Information Network (WIN). Each time, she was thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable and inspiring. Her expertise on personal branding and positioning yourself for success has proven invaluable!"




    — Edwith, Community Organizer, Women's Information Network




    "The inspiring CEO of Waller & Company kept her audience engaged from start to finish and presented valuable information regarding personal branding and crafting a purposeful mission statement. She provided energy for entrepreneurial spirits. Thank you for your time, encouragement and leadership!"




    — Daniel, CEO, GSU Alumni Event Attendee