Personal Branding Resolutions for the New Year

Personal Branding Resolutions for the New Year

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Now more than ever, employers expect your personal brand to be consistent with their company’s vision and values. As a result, proactively managing your digital persona is something that can result in more pay or better profits.  While you are planning and preparing for a better 2015, set aside time to make some personal branding resolutions. Here are my top 3 personal branding resolutions as we begin 2015.

Update Your Social Profiles
Analyze your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Is the information you are sharing enhancing your online reputation — both personally and professionally? If not, don’t be afraid to edit or delete past pictures, posts, and content.  Your personal branding is living, breathing, and constantly changing. By updating your social platforms you can manage your image so that it best reflects your current personal brand.  

Update Your Bio  
Analyze the online bio that you are using on social media platforms.  Update your bio to add your most recent accomplishment and delete any content that doesn’t align with your desired public persona.  If you don't provide a bio for each platform, you're missing an opportunity to tell your story.  The information that you are sharing should be concise and align with the purpose of the media platform.  For example, on your LinkedIn profile your bio would include a lengthy summary of your major achievements, education, and employment.  On the other hand, your Twitter or Instagram bio may only require a concise overview of what makes you special. Most importantly, your story should be consistent across all social media platforms.

Update Your Headshot
Today, headshots are not only for aspiring actors or actresses in Hollywood.  They are for anyone who has created a public persona online via social media platforms, blogs, personal landing pages or websites.  Some people may Google themselves and find that they don’t like the headshot that appears in the search results.  The easiest way to increase the organic search results for your favorite headshot is to use the same one for all your social networks.  Your headshot makes the first impression on anyone viewing your profile online.  Make sure that your headshot or profile picture is current and relevant to your personal brand.  

Talaya Waller, LLC offers services that can help with you accomplish your personal branding resolutions for 2015.  Our consultants are the trainers that help you shape up your personal brand by trimming off the “fat” online.