Using Public Relations to Leverage Your Personal Brand

Using Public Relations to Leverage Your Personal Brand

Many entrepreneurs and executives tend to overlook how public perception, at every level, reflects on their personal brand.  Some of the main goals of public relations are to create, maintain, and protect a reputation; enhance its prestige; and present a favorable image. A well-designed public relations strategy can have a dramatic impact on your personal brand and its success.  Brand credibility is built on several fundamental principles and the more “likeable” your personal brand, the more loyal your clients, constituents, or employers will be. Here are a few tips on how to use public relations to leverage your personal brand.

Share Your Story

Tell a real story that appeal to your audience, while making you authentic -- and human. Storytelling allows individuals to share meaningful and entertaining information about their personal life and professional goals to forge stronger emotional bonds with their audience. By discovering your own story, you can begin reaching your target audience on deeper, more meaningful level. Some of the best stories are customer testimonials and community happenings.

Community Leadership

Taking a position on a newsworthy topic or important issue and offering insights or leadership can result in long-term personal brand benefits. One of my clients, an advocate for educational opportunities for underprivileged children, creates special workshops and events for young girls and boys in her community. My company sponsors her most recent event Architect Barbie Workshop, which gives elementary school girls the tools to design a Barbie dream house while inspiring architectural creativity and instilling a passion for career goals. I submitted this community happening to local publications, contributing depth and credibility to the client’s reputation.

Educating Your Audience

Education campaigns are a great way to influence your target audience by changing behavior for reasons of public interest. For example, if you are in the financial industry you may want to support a financial literacy campaign. One of my clients, Mitchell Law Group, PLLC, offers estate planning assistance to the elderly, recently divorced, children affected by a parental death, veterans, and anyone who is going through a life change. For this reason, Mitchell Law Group often partners with 

financial advisers, senior living communities, financial institutions, and others* to provide educational seminars.

At Waller & Company a highly dedicated team helps you build a desired personal brand through image consulting, public relations, media placement, portraits, and website design. Our online presence strategy is specially designed for professionals, politicians, and public figures. Developing and promoting your personal brand is our core objective and what we do best.