Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand

Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand

powerful personal branding

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, become an entrepreneur or excel among your social circle, your personal brand tells others what they can expect from you.

Dr. Talaya Waller, founder of Waller & Company, a brand strategy company, says developing your personal brand online can help you create, maintain and protect your reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image.

“Brand credibility is built on several fundamental principles and the more likable your personal brand, the more loyal your clients, constituents, or employers will be,” Waller says. “A well-designed personal branding strategy can have a dramatic impact on your professional success, resulting in more pay or better profits.” 

Franka Baly of Franka Baly Media, a digital strategist and business coaching company, says developing your personal brand is an exercise in vulnerability by letting people know who you really are.

“Growing a brand takes time – through consistent and concerted engagement you willbuild a successful brand. The experience of working with you is what reinforces in what your brand is in the mind of your target audience,” says Baly. “Ask yourself, ‘What do I want the experience to be for my customers when they work with me,’ and it will help you know how you need to treat them.”

In the final installment of this three-part series on personal branding, here are a few more ideas on how to stand out from the crowd and make your personal brand one to remember. Read more