How to Rebrand When Transitioning Industries

How to Rebrand When Transitioning Industries

Personal reinvention is necessary for many reasons. Maybe you’re looking to take on a new challenge or find more meaningful work. Maybe you’re hoping to shake limiting perceptions of you that hinder your career growth. Rebranding can be a major shift, such as a retail manager moving into a marketing analyst position, or it can be a subtle transition from a manager role to a leadership position within the same industry. Whatever changes you’re hoping to manifest, taking control of your personal brand is a necessary part of the journey and can mean the difference between a lackluster position and a rewarding career. One of the trickiest steps in this path is persuading others to embrace your rebranding efforts. 

ReBranding Our Logo: A Design Story

I seem to be working with clients over in the US more and more of late. This project, however, was from an actual 'old school' face to face encounter.Both Talaya and I were talking on Personal Branding in London a couple of months ago, and we connected on social media.

Talaya is a true expert in her field, and she works with high-level executives in Washington to help build and develop powerful personal brands... So when she approached me to help with the visual aspect of her personal brand, I was truly honored to be able to help.