Personal Branding at the Federal Reserve



The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States.  The employees who work at the Federal Reserve perform functions to protect the public's interest and promote effective financial operations of the U.S. economy.


The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System values the diverse backgrounds of their employees and relies on strong teamwork to shape independent viewpoints into effective practices and policies.


Stakeholders from multiple diversity groups within the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) were incorporated in a codesign process to create a personal branding workshop that was both inclusive and industry specific. Dr. Waller presented basic terms and understanding of personal branding concepts, as well as an interactive personal branding activity.


The personal branding workshop brought together employees from a variety of offices, in addition to the diversity employee resource groups. The workshop applied client experiences to establish workplace examples to create an engaging setting for employees to draft their personal brand statement. Participants also analyzed their ability to build a positive personal brand.

Employee key takeaway:

Rebranding is possible at any stage in your career and life. ~ Lisa