CEO Becomes a Household Name



Kamilah is a 20 year home decor entrepreneur. She serves as the co-founder and COO of the American division of her company’s brand, as well as the co-founder of its sister brand. Kamilah’s business experience partnered with her impact on home and culture makes her an expert on the personal and professional skills necessary for high impact success.


There has been a surge of entrepreneurs and influencers entering the home decor business. Business owners need to leverage their industry expertise to sustain a competitive advantage.


We provided Kamiliah with one-on-one consulting and a custom personal brand strategy that included:

  • Brand identity

  • Social media evaluation

  • Press/media angles

  • Industry positioning strategy


Within 3 months of completing our services Kamiliah was featured in Goop. She was also kind enough to make a video of her experience, which we shared below.