International University Lecture Series



Waller & Company established relationships with select Business Schools around the world to provide Personal Branding lectures and workshops to their Marketing students.


Universities are looking to improve their marketing students’ knowledge of contemporary business practices and career opportunities. Due to the lack of academic literature on personal brand management, professors look to personal branding practitioners to fill in the gap of knowledge.  


We created a curriculum to provide MBA and undergraduate marketing students with insights on Global Trends in Personal Branding. Through fostering culturally diverse partnerships, we introduced personal branding theory to graduate level marketing students in the United States, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, and South Korea.


Hundreds of MBA and undergraduate marketing students have received a brief introduction to personal branding. As our geographic experiences continued to expand, we internationalized the lecture curriculum by incorporating the international perspectives and examples learned from previous engagements.

Students concluded the lecture by completing a short questionnaire about the guest lecture experience. The questionnaire contained three open-ended questions. Numerous students expressed that the presentation was “relatable” and “authentic”. They also stated that “personal branding” should be a topic that every student learns to prepare for the job force.