Brand Identity Training for the Democratic Caucus


The Democratic Caucus is comprised of every Democratic member of the House of Representatives for the purpose of supporting the ideas and goals of each member.


Each Democratic member has Communication staff that works towards creating and managing internal and external messaging for their Office. A brand alerts constituents to a Member’s key issues, values and policy positions. A strong political brand strategy grows influence, increases visibility and maintains credibility. Research shows that brand management generates value for the individual, their organization and constituents.


This workshop was an introduction to brand management for professionals looking to create a winning positioning strategy. Dr. Waller delivered a two hour presentation using theoretical research, recent studies and practical knowledge.


The branding workshop brought together staffers from a variety of offices. Dr. Waller provided staffers with insights into how to strategically position a political brand. Participants got the opportunity to apply their Member’s political brand strategy in two personal branding activities. Participants created brand statements that reflected their Member’s unique values.