If you don’t know your audience, you don’t know your business.

You did a phenomenal job teaching our class about identifying their target, customer demographic. Not only did our class learn so much from you, but I know your storytelling helped them relate to your own personal journey as a Black, female entrepreneur.
— Kezia. W- Social Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Founder
Thank you for sharing your expertise and guiding us toward building our brands on this day. I learned so much! I bought my domain name and continuing to build.
— Briana, Communications Professional
Thanks for the wonderful training this past Saturday. I signed up for the training a while ago and was looking forward to attending ever since. I learned a lot of new information to use in helping my business grow and it was great meeting everyone.
— Alejandra, Author and Entrepreneur
I am beyond grateful to have met Dr. Talaya Waller via a speaking engagement with She Leads Africa during their #SheHiveDC event. She is such an inspiring and humble individual; I appreciate her taking the time to speak with all of the attendees and touch on the importance of personal branding and the impact of one’s presence from what they say to what they wear. After her segment, I was privileged to speak with her a bit one on one and was pleased to learn that she is welcoming with a load of great advice and insight. Looking forward to learning more from her and potentially working with her in the future.
— Macy, Project Coordinator
I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Waller speak as a panelist during the Women’s Information Network’s (WIN) Path to Grad School event. Dr. Waller shared her experience pursuing a Ph.D. and provided candid and poignant advice. Dr. Waller was an engaging speaker and generously extended herself to continue conversations with the women who were seeking guidance on pursuing advanced degrees.
— Esther, Attorney and Agent for Social Change
The Department of Health Leadership and Development team approached Waller & Company to participate in the orientation for a group of 18 – 24-year-old interns in participating in our Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) Program. During the orientation, we wanted to provide interns with all of the tools, skills, and information they would need in order to be successful within the Department of Health and beyond. An important component of this orientation was introducing the students to the concept of personal branding. Ms. Waller put together a marvelous and engaging presentation for the students that touched on the importance of and do’s and don’t’s of personal branding. The EHL interns were given the opportunity to identify what their personal brand is by crafting their own personal brand statement.

The EHL interns thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the presentation was and the humor that Ms. Waller was able to incorporate throughout. Additionally, many of the interns mentioned how inspiring it was to see a young woman of color as the head of her own company. Overall, this was a very informative presentation and we would be very interested in reaching out to Waller & Company again.
— DC Department of Health